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Authors: Gonzalo Canales, Pricing Strategy Manager at Repsol and Javier Panizo, Energy Purchasing Strategy Senior Manager at Repsol. The electricity pool results, choice of the type of market, or signing up to a suitable rate are some of the most important factors that will influence the final price of a …

Tecnical article 14 Sep 2023

Combustion, hydrogen or electric? The environmental impact of vehicles beyond their carbon footprint This content is only available in Spanish.

Tecnical article 02 Aug 2023

The EU has launched an ambitious recovery plan to help address today's major energy, climate neutrality, and digitalization challenges. How to successfully tackle the fight against climate change and the evolution towards a just energy transition are two key questions that will mark the future of the EU and its …

General information 01 Aug 2023

Cement is the most consumed material after water, and its production is responsible for more than 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The current situation of the industry requires a hasty decarbonization, which requires improvements in the energy efficiency of factories. This content is only available in Spanish.

Tecnical article 19 Jul 2023

Hydrogen (H2) is set to become the energy carrier of the near future. This article explores how, once produced, we will be able to transport it. This content is only available in Spanish.

Tecnical article 13 Jul 2023

In February 2023, the European Commission proposed to toughen up on emission measures for trucks and buses, establishing stricter reduction targets until 2040 and investment incentives throughout the community. Heavy vehicles are a big source of greenhouse gas (GHG) generation and a key part of strategies to achieve sustainable and …

General information 10 Jul 2023

The cement manufacturing sector is a sector with emissions that are difficult to abate. This publication presents a solution to replace the petroleum coke used in the kilns with golden hydrogen, thus avoiding CO2 emissions from the fossil fuel and offsetting those due to the limestone decarbonation process. This content …

Tecnical article 07 Jul 2023

The main geopolitical aspect that may have an impact on critical raw materials to carry out the energy transition is reliability, understood as the trust that a State may have in another State to obtain the raw materials it needs to carry out its energy transition, with its risks and …

Tecnical article 29 Jun 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undergoing a vertiginous advance and is being applied to numerous sectors. One of them is autonomous driving, a technology on which all manufacturers have bet with successive steps. However, although AI can play a relevant role in decision making, there are still important challenges to ensure …

Tecnical article 29 Jun 2023

This content is only available in Spanish.

Tecnical article 16 Jun 2023

Traffic should be a priority sector when designing emission reduction strategies in urban areas with the ultimate aim of reducing negative impacts on the health of their citizens. This content is only available in Spanish.

Tecnical article 16 Jun 2023

A decarbonized energy system is a priority for the future of the planet but we cannot ignore the effects that this new model may have on society, employment and the finances of the majority of people. Actively facing up to the climate emergency means bringing about a rapid and effective …

General information 26 May 2023

Promoting waste recovery, both for energy generation and for the reuse of solid resources, is a key strategy for favoring change towards a more sustainable and conscious energy model. Our consumption patterns generate tons of waste every day which, if not adequately managed by means of recycling treatments, end up …

General information 27 Apr 2023

With nearly $400 billion in government spending and tax credits planned for 10 years, the Inflation Reduction Act is one of the most important measures ever taken in the United States to combat climate change What is the IRA law? The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the third piece …

Tecnical article 28 Mar 2023

Addressing issues such as increasing battery autonomy, installing more charging points, or using renewable sources to generate electricity, is crucial to continue advancing towards sustainable mobility goals. Did you know that getting around by car is an increasingly sustainable practice? One of the alternatives to reduce your mobility carbon footprint …

General information 24 Mar 2023

This content is only available in Spanish.

Tecnical article 07 Mar 2023

Renovating the European Union energy system and reducing excessive dependency on Russian imports requires a commitment to saving, diversifying supplies, and the use of renewable sources. The European Union is facing one of its biggest energy challenges in 2023. In a crisis context caused by the war in Ukraine, with …

General information 23 Feb 2023

The fight against climate change is one of the main challenges facing global society in this century, but what role do forests play in mitigating climate change and what actions are being developed by different countries? This content is only available in Spanish.

Tecnical article 16 Feb 2023
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